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  1. I didn't think that my prediction in last weeks thread
    TASR at 100 and 2/1 splitt would be rality so soon .

    Donald Trump and TASR remind me too much of "irrational excuperance" :D
  2. you probably going to be more right than wrong, ohh +3 points today for in 30 seconds in TASR then covered, this thing is a monster. I am a chump small time trader and I've pulled over +2.5K out of TASR last 5 trading days...I am becoming addicted...

    I need a "TASR Anonymous" meeting I think... :p

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  3. Maverick74


    I know you guys are short this stock. Fess up. LOL. We have too many top pickers on ET to not have anybody short this stock.
  4. Looks like stock is aiming for 100 today.
  5. short 200 shares from 99.3
    will add in 200 share lots every 1.00 or so from here
    what could happen?
  6. Maverick74


    It could go to 200! LOL.
  7. thats fine, just not in the next 4 hours please....
  8. GoTASR


    I see that a few of you have been around for a while so maybe you can provide some insight. After watching CBS and seeing the CEO on CNBC this morning, I finally bought some TASR at around 96 today. I tallied all Q4 news announcements and saw that total sales in these announcements came to about 3.35 million, yet they reported 10.8 for the quarter. In Q1 this year, total announcements tallies to about 1.1 million, leading me to guess that there reported sales may be between 3.5 and 4 million when they report. Does anyone know if they've changed their policy of announcing large orders?
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    What broker are you using?
  10. Maverick74


    I'm hearing that TASR can cure cancer, be used in combat during wars, if you use it to zap silver, you can turn it into gold, and you can even use it to heat up your frozen dinners. Unreal man, this TASR is a miracle!
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