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  1. TASR at 100 ?? next 2/1 splitt pretty soon?
    :cool: :cool:
  2. Good God this thing is a rocket..... They even outperformed RIMM yesterday.
  3. Only question is when will it break into pieces.

    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
  4. bought june 70 puts @ 8.9...VERY small position.

    I never step in front of trains but........ I figured WTF. On the other hand maybe I should just go to Foxwoods tonight and put an equal dollar amount on black as a hedge? :D

    good trading to all
  5. This stock is nuts but I love it.

    Closed out some April 80 calls I bought yesterday for a double at the close of business today, was going to roll out to the 85's but didn't have time. Debated hanging on longer but figured I'd go for the quick bucks.

    Also put on a September 75 straddle yesterday. Big premiums on both sides but the volitility in this stock justifies it. Am hoping the stock runs to 100 then I'll close out the calls and hang onto the puts for the eventual bubble burst.
  6. mgarc


    touching 83 afterhours..

    massive short squeeze + quarter end mark-ups.

    40% of float is shorted.... ouch!!!
  7. I heard this morning that Barrons is preparing a follow up story
    on TASR (negative)and also that 2 insiders are filing 13D's .
    This could be the catalyst for something on the downside .
    I don"t think you can find many firms that have shares available to short this morning . The premiums on these puts are hefty.............. But honestly what would be a fair value on this stock ???? maybe in the low 40s !:p
  8. Source?
  9. the source was from a friend in NY working on the prop. desk
    of Sali (Citibank)
  10. thanks
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