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  1. Gotta say it guys, this is nuts.

    I got 3 at 144 today. Shits and giggles, stop at 140. I'm up like 10 bones now in the AH. Gut feel is this just keeps on going.

    Kinda reminds me of QCOM when it went vertical for 800 pts. By the end, it was trading thinner than BRK/a. Every trade was for 20 shares and when someone showed a 500 share bid, the whole book swept up 5 more pts.

    Good luck to all you lunatics who are willing to play in this mess. Unless they really top it out early, this probably goes out on the high and keeps on trucking.

  2. I remember that day on QCOM, that analyst put a target like 1000 or something and it moved FAT.......That was the good old days. Good to see some stocks going into orbit again.

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    You're right, it is nuts. I'm just going to sit and have a laugh today. Congrats on the gain so far.

  4. Guys, added another K at 155-156 this am.
  5. Guess none of you guys are playing yet, way early so I don't blame ya.

    Think we found bottom around 154 after testing the highs at 160. I would put a stopper in there at like 145-150 now.
  6. I need options in TASR. Anybody a clue when options are being offered?
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    quick long trade in it this morning...
    ceo on cnbc soon. in the 'old' days, that was an intraday sell signal, and buy back on the selloff post appearance...

    good trading, prae...
  8. Why does it take that long with options? Does Eurex have to step in US- Equity options to make this possible? Are US options exchanges sleeping?
  9. Do you have any idea how much you'll overpay in prem. I'd be a seller if anything. But I'm not stupid enough to take either side of that trade.
  10. Doesn't feel poppy enough. I sold all but a k. Let it churn a bit and then revisit it.
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