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  1. New lawsuits v. new technology. Record rev in 09.

    The new technology is a camera worn like a bluetooth for police officers which essentially is going from the dash-cam to each individual officer being equipped. The stock price doubled in a short period and is trading just above $6. The chart looks like a strong to moderate sell currently due to the new news of a familiar story to taser intl as well as pd's across the world, which to put in a nutshell is basically defendants complaining of injuries incurred through police actions.

    Anyway, does anyone think TASR will be able to make another run like it did 6 or 7 years ago?
  2. The lawsuits will be the reason why Taser International does well.

    What happens is that lawsuits and allegations are brought against departments all the time usually resulting in embarassment to politicians and police chiefs. Most of the time, these allegations were brought by those arrested by the police in order to get some money out of the department.

    Look at the following video:


    The product they are now selling is a video camera device and centralized database along with mapping and instant access to each video. The price per officer for such a system is $5700.

    New Zealand just ordered one of these systems for 777 of their officers which is about 4.5 million in revenue alone. Lets say a big city department with 10,000 officers which equates to roughly half the revenue of Taser International for 2009. As more allegations of the misuse of TASER comes in then departments will want to subscribe to www.evidence.com and use their camera devices.

    Right now, the stock has pulled back by about 50% from the low to the high of the year. We saw some up action yesterday and today. So I am thinking this might be a good time to get into TASR.

    Politcians want police officers to be wearing cameras in order to avoid litigation. Look at the Royal Canadian Mounted police which have many allegations pointed at them and it effects the politics in Canada. They are right now experimenting with www.evidence.com and TASER's camera products.

    I think TASR is a buy right here and I believe it has a 1-3 month price target of about 9-12 dollars depending upon how many new orders come in for the system....BTW, notice in the video that the San Francisco police department is used. Keep in mind that that department is always being criticized embarassing the police chief and politicians. 2300X5700= $13 million in revenue...2300X$999 (price of Taser X26)= 2.2 million...maybe there might be a future announcement in regards to a deal with the San Francisco PD.
  3. mac


    Technically it looks good. Has been above the 50 dma since Jan. Tested the 50 dma twice since then and has bounced above. Volume definetley coming back. I like it.
  4. Had an up day today after two down ones... May get to $6.30-$6.50?