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  1. long some tasr at 5.15, with a stop at 4.
  2. A little early on your entry. Stop should be lower.
  3. I'm already out, a quick scalp...i decided a long is too late here for a swing trade.
  4. so, you risked a buck on the downside for .15 profit?

    It worked, I guess. What was your thinking???
  5. I took a 2nd look at the charts and didnt like it. Though I was long in an over-bought market.
  6. Just my 2 cents, if it's even worth that.

    My personal feel just looking at it (I don't trade this stock anymore (years ago)), is that it still has room to run. The divergence you talked about could be captured because you had a long candle up, so I would presume a slight pullback, perhaps to prior resistance it blew through. Then up along with the indexes.

    Nice scalp btw. Success is success, perhaps could have been timed, but nonetheless good job.

  7. Those figures are worthless. A stock as manipulated as TASR could have a multiple of the float short ex clearing, and probably does.
  8. Short again here at 5.11
    #10     Apr 13, 2009