TASR - when does SEC take action?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by heilbronner, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. Looks like some serious cornering in TASR. What does it take for an investigation at TASR?
  2. you short?
  3. What are you talking about?
  4. This stock is not available for shorting, at least to me.
  5. Stocks got an average daily volume higher than its float. Toss in short covering (as of the March report the short position was 40% of the float) and mania and you've got a prescription for insane price movements.
  6. if you want to get short buy puts and get smoked like I did. :D
  7. geez this stock is moving 2 points a minute, it's insane, anyone daytrade more than 100 shares of that stuff? :confused:

  8. You don't know what cornering is?
    Take a look at VISX some years ago.
  9. FYI:TASR reports tomorrow before the bell.

    Have fun.
  10. Forget the SEC, this stock should be licensed by the FDA.
    #10     Apr 19, 2004