TASR...was that the blow off top?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by indahook, Apr 19, 2004.

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    Looks very possible.
    Those drops were quick, looks like someone is unloading.
    Earnings are out tommorow before market opens.
  3. I concur
  4. caught most of that ..suwheeeet.....am flat....:p No opinion on where we go from here though.

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  5. Didnt you say you were long into the open in another thread? if so thats pretty freaking hot...long into a 3 point gap with a 9 point move from there...then you turned it around and caught the short side?
  6. I personally think its exciting to watch a stock trade its entire float in one 60 min bar from 120-111. At least its not being daytraded too much!
  7. I scalp quickly ...already took the longs and went short..just the way I do it...I will not stay in position long, ...our floor is mostly hard core scalpers.

    I really am not into posting every trade...just having fun with ET.

    I am not in"any" postiion very long at all...not on this bomb!

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  8. more power to you then....I guess scalping TASR is looking for points instead of dimes.
  9. TASR was on the hard to borrow list so I couldn't go short on it. However, I did catch some profits after the big sell off at 12:23 going long for the bounce.
  10. Doubt it. Short interest still too high. But who knows.

    Shorts started covering at 120, then at 112, now they are covering based on time, it didn't take another leg down (yet).

    Remember that blow off top Feb 12?
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