Tasr never stops...

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  2. Mecro


    Thats why I say it's way too early to short it now. I want to at least see it pop up seriously after the split happens.

    As for this company's fundamentals, I think one needs to take a serious look at their product. It's just a zap gun. Just how much demand does it have? Just how effective is it? So if they even supply USA police force, just how much growth is there that has not been priced in 10 times over. Watch the Koreans start making cheaper versions of it and stealing TASR contracts. Then there is the humongous liability risk. Conmen must be begging to get zapped so that they can bring up cases in court.

    By the way, did anyone notice how much less excited & persuasive the CEO was in this CNBC interview. He won't comment on the stock price anymore cause he knows whats up.
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