Tasr never stops...

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  1. Oh, no doubt sir!

    Just don't try and pick a top in it.
    Wait till it has already broken down.

    FYI: The CEO will be appearing on CNBC's "Squawk Box" tomorrow morning.

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  2. Mecro


    I totally agree with all your points.

    It's just a matter of time when this stock will COLLAPSE. All you need is one shmuck with a heart condition that gets zapped and TASR might have to start doing reverse splits. Or one earnings report that does not blow the estimates away. Or the CEO dumping the rest of his shares.

    I think options is the way to go with TASR. I wanna wait and see how much it runs up after the split as the last waves of idiots start buying this for "long term". I definitely do not think it is ready to collapse yet.

    BTW, the comment about the TASR management team is so true. Their CEO should have been a stockbroker cause he is damn good at PR and selling. He makes out TASR's zap guns to be revolutionary when these guns have been around for decades.
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  3. It is almost impossible for this stock to collapse now without a significant event. The short interest is just too high. Almost 40% of the float. Stocks with short interest that increases usually charge ahead relentlessly, as shorters are forced to cover. Drops are bufffeted by covering. The risk passes from the burnt to the newly brave, etc.

    When the longs bail, and the white knuckle shorts stay calm, then this will adjust downward and stay down. But this will probably not occur until something emerges that will change the fundamentals which are awesome:

    150% revenue growth
    ROE 38%

    PEG is high, but not outrageous at 2.15.

    Comparing this to the internets in 1999 is in error, because this company makes money and its product has huge demand. All the arguments against it that have been posed her are valid, but they are DD arguments an IB would make to a potential suitor.

    Traders have to see the technicals, which are bullish.
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  4. Yeah, those were a pair. Also, there was OCCF. Thin as a rail, and the spread was something like 7 points (maybe more, memory fails) on a $50 stock. It moved in wild chunks for a long time until they split and issued more shares. Traded up to a split adjusted 400, now 5.
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    Anyone remember PUMA? It went from $1 to $100 in one year and back to $1 in a year.
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  7. This is taser's chart. THis is an example of a chart where one should look for long entries
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  8. This is a chart of a different kind of price action, where one should await short entries.
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  9. Unless you are good at scalping and playing reactions, stick with the trend. THe first chart longs are thankful that the shorts always capitulate. The second chart, well it's kind of the reverse.
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    I got another signal to short it at 99. IB still won't lend me any though. Too much short interest I guess.
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