Tasr never stops...

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  1. Back down to $89.19 in 4 minutes!!!

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  2. LIke RMBS 4 years ago. SHorts had thier nuts squeezed so hard they're still singing soprano.
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  3. vega


    How about QCOM trading at $600, and having the Merrill genius saying it can easily go to $1000 !! I remember people talking about buying 4 shares !!!!


    IOMG and Presstek were sick, but what about Netscape after it's IPO, trading from 120-180 in a day (this includes filling this range almost hourly).
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  4. Cutten


    I wonder how Mr Market missed this one?
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    QCOM traded up over 100 points in one day!!!

    How about some of the bubble IPO's... Ariba, Freemarkets, Sycamore Networks.

    15 points was child's play, you had to cross the stock north by a few points just to get 1000 shares.
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  6. Maverick74


    I wonder how many shares of stock the CEO owns.
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  7. vega


    I used to work on the floor of the CBOE, and at one point the old NDX pit was right next to the pit that traded QCOM and TXN -- notorious for being the biggest group of a-holes on the floor. That day was probably one of the craziest thing I've ever seen, especially when locals tried to fade Solly and guessed the wrong way :eek: :eek: I don't think it was possible, but after that they turned into bigger a-hole:p

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  8. As of February 12th, 2004 Yahoo shows CEO Patrick Smith with 609,802 shares directly owned.
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  9. Smith sold 336,000 shares in February of 2004, for proceeds of:

    $17.2 million
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  10. Sanjuro


    There is just no stopping TASR.

    Anybody have any exciting stories about traders in their firm
    making or losing a fortune on TASR?
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