TASR could be HUGE !!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by taodr, May 3, 2004.

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    TASR could and I emphasize could be a huge money maker in the future. There is a lot of negative press out recently. Why ??? I think the probability that the " gun manufacturers " could be behind this. Just think the taser could be a good substitute for guns with ammo, and would be a lot safer. It could be the near perfect item that legislators are looking for i.e. Good for self protection and yet not lethal in most situations. It could be the end of gun proliferation as we know it. What does everyone think ??
  2. Do you trade on fundamentals or technicals?

    You could be right, but when?
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    I do not even own a single share of TASR right now, but I am surprized at the press. It might take a while, but once anti gun lobby weighs this properly it could be a vote swinger.
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    Could Be??? not that I doubt the stocks ability to go higher. But geez where have you been. The stock was a dollar less than a year ago.

    Where have you been???
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    I have traded it a few times but it is nowhere to what it could become. No doubt the gun lobby will fight this like crazy. Just think most all conventional guns in America exchanged for taser.
  6. What makes you think that will happen?

    Taser is a supplement to law enforcement, not a replacement for guns. It's a non lethal alternative, like a baton, or mace.

    Guns will always be here, and always be bought and sold with fervor.

    That will be a winner for the Gun lobby, "Don't subdue your suspect, kill him!"
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    Could TASR be as HUGE as MR.MARKET???

    Only if they started camouflaging their guns with hair.
  8. When I saw the title of the thread I thought it was more Mr. Market B.S. :)

    Excuse my ignorance, but are tasers ranged weapons? I was under the impression that they were close range weapons, like mace (mentioned earlier). If these have a range, they could be a replacement for the future; if they're close-range, they cannot replace guns.

    You'll never convince a cop to take a taser to a narcotics bust when the criminals are carrying A.R. 15's.
  9. Sanjuro


    Tasers are close range weapons.
    It's range is 15-21 feet.

    I think the weapons are better use for police when
    they deal with violent criminals or for store security guards.

    I would hate to think our military would be using Tasers
    against people shooting back with real guns.
  10. I'll leave the technicals to those better equipped than I to evaluate them. The valuation, however, appears stretched to say the least. But the product is certainly gaining traction and the opportunity for the Taser-based land mines they're developing could be substantial. Nonetheless, though there is definitely hair on this dog, whether TASR will ultimately be as huge as Mr. Market is questionable at best.
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