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  1. Taser International Inc. (NasdaqSC:TASR - News), which makes weapons for law enforcement such as stun guns, said on Wednesday it would implement a three-for-one stock split.
    Taser's earnings and share price have soared in recent quarters. Shares closed at $101.25 on the Nasdaq on Tuesday.

    The stock split will be paid as a dividend on Feb. 10 to shareholders as of Jan. 26.

    Hope you know what to do and when. Timing is everything.

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  3. Up 6.00 as I write this....just a not so gentle nudge that we have never left what people describe as "back in the day"...those days are still very alive and well.....

    Just recall this "one trick pony" was about 3 bux in Feb of 2003..now 106....Greenspan Put is alive and well.....

    Who says the FED doesn't manage the market?



  4. Fed, can I eat this?

  5. Soon..wait til cools as Mommy says!
  6. Will be difficult to take advantage from the short side, because:
    Short % of Float (as of 8-Dec-03): 52.59% (I guess it's not that high anymore due to some margin calls today)
    Shares Short (prior month): 570.00K.

    Anyone able to short?

    Also no options available.

  7. tried everything..nothing....:mad: ; I guess gotta buy the dips!:confused:
  8. Why would you short TASR? There are so many EASIER ways to make money.
  9. yes like fading sina today.
  10. I know and I have 57 positions that are doing so..but I like some "99like" excitement..pardon me....

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