Tarp II

Discussion in 'Economics' started by rskmngmnt, Nov 15, 2008.

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    It seems to me when i first started trading one of the core teachings was patience. Whether, planning a trade or managing one. Since TARP I Libor has come off it's highs, there is some flow in the credit markets and we seem to have stepped away from the scenario where any given weekend could bring catastrophic failure.
    If you've taken a big drawdown because you've broken the rules you have set up it takes time (patience) to recover. What's more for myself I'll find my style becomes even more deliberate. the whole retireing to lick your wounds cliche.....Yes it's taking some time for lending to happen again but let's not foret the demand side in here. these consumers (who we can call traders too) if they've been lucky enough to survive are saying wow it's a war zone out there and i just missed a couple mind fields myself so let's not charge full speed ahead......

    All this is my way of saying why change the origional plan so soon? I mean is it that apparent that it's not working?