TARP CEOs Use the Companies’ Jets for Personal Travel: WSJ Link

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  1. If these guys flew in gold plated Gulfstream G550s eating pounds of Beluga caviar and washing it down with Cristal I could care less, as long as they hadn't taken TARP funds.

    But seriously, wtf. Enough is enough. Buy a f**king ticket on a commercial flight if you're going on a vacation.

    CEOs of Bailed-Out Banks Flew to Resorts on Firms' Jets

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    Ok why is this being trotted out for the masses....again. What now
  3. I'm not sure. It's Rupert Murdoch's WSJ that's reporting it.
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    Could be push back for bank lobbying against his new enforcement plan. They don't like the consumer part for sure. Anyway, I always take conspiracy glance at rehashed smear. I.e, I might just need some meds :)
  5. Who needs TARP anymore when you can launder what you need cleanly through AIG?