Targets inside India had already been identified: Pakistan

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bearice, May 17, 2011.

  1. Pakistani media reported Pasha's briefing on the Abbottabad raid to the Pakistan national assembly when he warned India against attempting any Abbottabad-like operation against top Indian targets like Dawood Ibrahim or Hafiz Saeed. Promising a "befitting response", Pasha said a contingency plan was in place and targets inside "India had already been identified". Pasha told the lawmakers, "We have also carried out rehearsals for it."

    After Army chief V K Singh's ill-judged comments, India put a gag order on responding to Pakistan's verbal assaults. At the highest levels, India has determined that it would serve no purpose to add to Pakistan's humiliation post Abbottabad. India may well have the capability to do an Abbottabad but the risk of a disproportionate retaliation from Pakistan is very high. At this point, India is not willing to go down that path.