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  1. Teasinggtara posted a disturbing thesis in Strategy about the supposed susceptibility of ET readers to unconscious manipulation by hypnotic masters. She firmly believes that the subject of her study is a Svangalic genius in print persuasion. I think he is just a harmlessly loquacious old fool, the kind you can find closing the bar in the seedy part of any town. Certainly no Mesmer. Garrulous? Yes. But Machiavellian? He couldn't even spell it!

    But I offer Fraulein Tara this home, rent free, to redevelop her views, should she care to. I shall serve as canvas dummy to her epee as needed.
  2. When Emil informed me he had furnished a brand new home for me he let slip a comment that I though was worthy of note, that by the late 80's it was all known.

    Interesting comment about the late 80's. The only thing I can see that is new relating to trading in a computer age is the programming itself.

    Algos were the new panacea for those who believed in a new paradigm only to discover the market never changes, and their narrow grasp of the nature of the beast market was sub par to their grandfathers'.

    My good friend Jack, like many of those I have observed to be last to leave the bar, is one to keep a wary eye on.

    His chit chat is freighted with meaning and I wonder at his motives. But who knows, perhaps as has been suggested by Al, Jack is having a laugh at SCT members.

    If that's the case, it's certainly something Jack and I have in common :)
  3. Yeah, I agree. :p
  4. Thank you for accepting my invitation. I respectfully request that the denizens of our rowdiest and most irreverantly iconoclastic subculture, the B-Team, refrain from the obligatory Bronx cheers on the subject and give Tara some room to work. As our esteemed Dr. Deco once paraphrased Carl Jung: "All trading is autobiography." Tara is on the hunt for the biographies behind certain prominent ETer's. In a sense she is taking an anthropologist's approach to trading culture. As a perfervid believer in SCT myself, I intend to provide appropriate balance.
  5. Thank you for that Emil. Yes I would rather play classical music while I prepare my scalpel than pummel endlessly with a cudgel to well squashed synapses.
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    My advice is to go back to SCT first principles. Nail the first trade of the day on bar 2 like Jack says to. Often your first trade is your best trade.


    Have you also drunk from the poised chalice?
  7. Yes, I am into classical myself. Possibly the subject of a new thread. In particular I love Renaissance lute music, have recordings of nearly everything burned in the last 30 years.

    Re SCT, I have taken from it what is useful, as did Todd and Mr_Black. I have also cheerfully plagiarized the styles of others. For example, 666 gave me some dross the other day that I spun into fine gold.

    Re the details of SCT, I doubt that you have gotten as deeply into it as I have. I followed him down the rabbit hole eight years ago and came up much the wiser. His opening trade concept is a winner.
  8. 8 yrs? Goodness that's a marriage and a divorce! Poor thing. Did you need psychiatric help or just medications?

    By comparison I gave it a few hours over 2 days and had enough links in my trading framework to know where the holes were in the seams of continuous trading.

    Since that it's been a gas reading Jack. Fabulous entertainment.

    Glad to know you've discovered the opening move. But why not take the globex position and allow those super sharp SCT market controllers push your trade?

    Or didn't the Jedi suggest that as a better place to commence?
  9. I am an old Neoxx. The truth, which I rarely tell, I that my screen is set up like a Pachinko machine with all the S/R I have been able to discover in the time frames of one day, ten minutes, five minutes, one minute, and one second. Of course there are some I don't know yet, but I am getting there. SCT plays a minor role in my five minute. And in between trade entries and exits I let Professor Doaks work on Codified SCT. Keeps the silly sod from endlessly tweaking S/R codes that already work fine.

    I am glad you take the same pleasure in Jack that I do. But be advised that whatever you think of his style or motives, he buries precious gems to be discovered by those who "do the work."
  10. Sounds like a sensible structured approach but you'll never fill 3 binders and a 30 Day bootcamp with that.

    Did Jack not teach you the lingo? There's at least 10 posts in each of your time frames and a climatic discovery.

    Prof Doaks sounds like he's doing what Jack has dreamed of for 50 yrs... putting the pieces together. Interesting.

    The results will speak for how close he comes to perfection. If only Jack knew it didn't need to be perfect to work perfectly well.
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