Tapering - "Canary in the Mine?"

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    With Uncle Jerome & Co. using "all tools available," QE'ing hundred of billions each month to "keep markets liquid" and basically keeping the money printing amps on 11, how long will this continue?

    I envision a Fed meeting in the future, a lá Bernanke 2013, slightly hawkish statements will be made about the QE program, and the sky will fall.

    By the time the announcement is made, everyone will have their positions set up months in advance. What will be the first indication that the "Punch Bowl" will not be refilled again? That Last Call is coming soon? Where will we see the early warning signs?

    Or, am I delusional, and the Fed will kick the can down the road, and continue to print money for years to come.
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    Not bait... truth.
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    The honest answer, no one knows. So we need to trade accordingly
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    We will see it when it's here.

  6. It will come, but not soon. Not even close. Think like 2023 or later.
  7. Why would you even MENTION tapering when they've said they are not going to even THINK about tapering until like next year some time? Get long boys, get long. Bullshit policy is going to push us ever higher until it all craters...
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    I asked for the canary in the mine.

    Those in the know will roll out of their positions long before the announcements.

  9. Cool. Let's check back in at the beginning of 2023 and see what the market has done. Your canary in the mine crap should come like mid to late 2022 at earliest. We shall see.
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    Pure guesswork.

    Also the fact that you believe what Powell is spewing means you are clueless.

    Powell is either lying through his teeth or a complete moron. I suspect it's more the former bit likely a combination of the two.
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