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  1. does anyone know how to find this service?

  2. ken__0


    I was curious when i saw don mention it to. I still havent been able to find a link for it.
    would appear to me to be just another scanner type product, geared towards volume ?
    Did you ask don?
    send him a pm hes usually very helpfull I hear?
  3. check out pairtrader.com
  4. Just FYI, tapereader pro is developed for RediPlus only (the Bright Trading platform, of course)....

  5. ken__0


    Hey don,
    What are some of the main features of this software that would differ from other realtime scanning products?
  6. All I can say is that it is very flexible and you can program directly from the rediplus add-on.

    I'm still testing it, so I suggest that you talk with the guys who are selling it for more details. It seems to work well with the hybrid system, which is different from other scanners (at least so far).