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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by trader28, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. You act as though you think my P&L is something that no one can achieve. There are guys at my firm that are up 500k+ for the year. So my trading is not so crazy. I dont understand your bitterness.

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  2. Ahh, I see. Well thats the nice thing about this business, once you 'get it', you can step it up and basically double your income..to a point.
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  3. No bitterness, i merely summed you up from your comments and know you are full of shizen
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  4. mizer


    Very nice year so far, when I see your P/L and others in our firm it makes me think my hard work will pay off one day:)
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  5. If you spend any time reading this site you can fairly quickly decipher who is a retard and who makes cash. I have spend countless hours reading through crap on this board and can say with 100% confidence Hydroblunt and Steve know what they are talking about.

    I also would be willing to bet that if you spent time in front of a screen watching the time and sales, what market center is printing, and the overall direction of the stock you are trading, you would eventually start to see patterns emerge.

    So give that a try, read through everything you can on this board and elsewhere, and if you put in the time you will get it.

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  6. Steve T / Hydro
    You guys are consistent takers of dough out of the market. Your success is good stuff. Whats your thoughts on the hybrid approaching us? Hydro, why do you believe this is the end of tape reading? Is it more bboxes approaching and less transparancy? the changes to nx? I do similar things to you guys and am trying to prepare for these changes coming towards us
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  7. And if you knew anything about psychology and attaining excellence you would know the best traders would not be in a forum looking for their ego to be stroked... I summed him up the minute he told me he wasn't arguing with me and called me an idiot in the next breath... thats the kind of discipline he is taking into his trading, in other words a loser that has you all fooled telling you what you so desperately want to hear
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  8. And thats where you go wrong. Steve and Hydro never once said they were 'the best traders', and they never look for people to stoke their egos because they humbly accept many people make way more money.
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  9. pinabetal


    As long as there are charts, buyers, sellers, price movement, quotes, bid/ask, smart money, and markets to trade the tape can ALWAYS be used to trade. It worked in Livermores day without computers and it works today with computers. I see NO limited future for the tape.
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  10. Hmm i must have missed the humble part
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