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    If you can afford it and are trading futures have a look at market delta or trademaven pro, each offering bid/ask volume analysis software, also take a free 30 day trial to hotcomm room institute of auction market theory, read the ensign software newsletter Oct 2005 edition free off web on using prior day poc for trading and read Mind Over Markets by Dalton.
    Good luck, google to find all the above
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  2. I rake in 6 figures a year trading and was trying to give you some honest advice. I may have misread your question but after reading your arrogant posts tonight, dont think I wish to help you out. I dont respect people who see the market as a "hobby, although I would like you to try your hand at it so I can take your $$$ :D.

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  3. Thanks mate, a scholar and a gentleman
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  4. You rake leaves at best... a real trader would not waste their time arguing with me, you gave yourself away many posts ago
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  5. I'm uncomfortable with the words "suck it up" and "ass" in the same post... please leave me out of your fantasies
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    Have you tried the ET search function?
    Upper right hand corner of the page.
    Just type in "Tape Reading" and you'll probably still be "reading" this time tomorrow.
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  7. hi,

    i have been using a software platform called tymora pro recently for daytrading. it automates much of the tape reading skill set that use to take years to learn, and is highly sophisticated yet easy to use. i believe they still have a free trial. www.yourika.com

    hope this helps,

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  8. Who said I was a master? I said I make 6 figures, not 7 or 8.

    And I never argued with you, I tried answering your question. Your fuse is way too short man.

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  9. You just keep telling yourself you make 6 figures, positive thinking is important... and when you finally get there, i'm sure you'll realise like all the other traders making 6 figures... you wont be in here arguing with me ;)
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  10. This coming from the idiot that doesnt know what time and sales are and has been a member of this site for over a year LOL.

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