Tape Reading

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by trader28, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. there goes that career in stand up
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  2. I have never seen so many morons that couldn't answer a simple question... the bad jokes are obviously a defence to cover up the fact that you troglodytes simply dont have a clue
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  3. They warned me over at trade2win not to come over here, nothing but bad jokes and bad traders... should have listened
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  4. mizer


    Who is the one asking "does anyone know who has a good time and sales"

    "Time" "Sales".........uh hello

    Is'nt it time to mop the floors yet:D
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  5. I can almost hear the ocean when you open your mouth

    and ps loser... you here on this forum at this time engaging in this discussion kind of gives you away too... I'm new to trading, whats your excuse?...... dont forget the bucket
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  6. The really funny/sad part is we're all being completely honest/helpful. It's like asking an artist how to paint. All they could tell you is buy a brush, canvas, etc and do it. It wouldn't help anyone a whole lot to get the answer on where to buy the brush.

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  7. Well heres a small whiff of the coffee gentlemen, this is only ever going to be a hobby for me, I own 3 computer stores and long after you lads have blown out your last piddling 2k ib account I'll still be raking in 6 figures a year.... enjoy gentlemen
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  8. p.s.

    I bet the guys on trade2win are all just killing it! LOLOL

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  9. Yeah just like you guys... heh heh
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  10. You know what dude, you need to suck it up and realize that life is not about handouts. Maybe that is how you were brought up in easy going suburbia but for some people it all has to be done by themselves with no help. I had a very slight idea of what tape reading was and ended up learning it on my own by simply WATCHING THE TAPE. If you read "Reminiscinces of Stock Operator" you will notice that Livermore learned it all from simply watching the quotes and the prints.

    So get your ass in gear and start watching some stock in action and how it quotes and prints vs what is in the Open Book. If you cannot get yourself to learn that, then I suggest you get out of trading ASAP because even tape reading has a very limited future.
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