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  1. I'm a complete newby to this subject and would like to know what exactly you use to read the tape, ie: see at what price the large lots are being bought/sold.
    Is it just the bid/ask price and bid/ask size on my IB trader workstation? or do I need something more exotic to see where the size is going?
  2. Requires 1000's of hours of trading experience to learn how to properly read the tape. If you are willing to log the hours, you'll start to see what you need to see.
  3. Understood, but i just want to know what you use to read the tape, is it just the bid and ask or do you need a dome etc?
  4. Search for Maverick74 and "tape reading". I had a whole long conversation with him about this exact topic. I am really just too tired to rewrite all that stuff :D
  5. Ok but i really dont think you are getting my question, i'm not asking HOW to read the tape, i just want to know what you USE to read the tape, shouldn't take more that a couple of words to answer
  6. Your eyeballs <----- you were correct exactly two words

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    The ones that have numbers in them:eek:
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