Tape reading Software ??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by profutrader, Jan 31, 2005.

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    Yes, you are correct. With the number of threads regarding TradeMaven, I think this has been the first response from anyone associated. BTW, I noticed that in SFO magazine, PFG software looks very similar to Trademaven....? Just curious...
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  3. http://www.pfgbest.com/about/press/bdfast.asp

    I'm an educator and contributor to the ongoing process of developing TM. I'm thrilled to have a company that listens. TM has features that are not equaled in any other affordable front end that I am aware of and I've played a small role in that.

    Please don't ask about the company I'm involved with, as we don't advertise on ET and therefore would be banned if I were to discuss that business.
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    This explains why when I opened an account with Global Futures, they told me that they do not offer Trademaven anymore...

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  5. For me, it is a software that reads the prices traded as well as to indicate the size of the trade. If it is huge(specified by you), a louder alert or sound can be heard. This helps pit traders like me feel more at home.:p
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  6. Hi Vince1, thanks for the advice. Had a look at website, not exactly what I am looking for. But thanks. :)
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    do you know General Wei in nikkei pit? :p
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  10. Of course! He is one of the nicest trader you can bump into.:p A true trader with a heart. Seems like you are also a trader in SGX-DT. Care to reveal. :)
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