Tape reading listed versus tape reading OTC

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  1. Iv been trading new york stocks for 5 years now giving nasdaq a try for all you scalpers how do you read the tape fro nasdaq its not like reading the prints on New york. Are there any threads out there on this topic should i not be watching the prints and just focus on the ecn market makers? How do you know were there is a buyer or seller in nasdaq thank you.
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    During the 2000-01 time period level 2 traders went from making a killing to getting killed. I think level 2 traders now mostly make money on rebates.
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    Especially since there appears to be more black box computer generated orders today.
  4. Well is there a way to see buyers and sellers on the ecns i would assume it would be easier to see them on your thinner stocks.
  5. Ok so no one knows how to read the market makers in nasdaq I love elite trader well if anyone needs help on how to be the same side as the specialist drop me a note.
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    Tape reading...
    Anyone think that specialists actually use this to provide false signals? and that specialists get the good fills and ignoring your order totally? any experience with these??

    I will love to hear some of your NYSE tape reading since I am also a NYSE trader (less than 2 yrs of experience)