Tanks Move On Cairo

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    CAIRO — An adviser to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi said Wednesday that a military coup was underway, that tanks were on the move outside Cairo and that communication with the president had been cut off.

    As a military deadline came and went for Morsi to step aside, the army took control of state television, and boisterous crowds opposed to the regime cheered and danced in Tahrir Square in the Egyptian capital.

    The president’s whereabouts were not clear. The Morsi adviser, Jihad Haddad, told NBC News that he could not confirm or deny whether Morsi had moved from Republican Guard headquarters. Representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood, which supports Morsi, said that some of its leaders had been rounded up and arrested.

    Earlier in the day, both the president and the military had sworn a fight to the death. The military leader, Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, said it would be an honor to die rather than subject the Egyptian people to threats or terror.

    In something of a call to arms, the military posted on Facebook: “We swear to God to sacrifice with our blood for Egypt and its people against any terrorist, extremist or ignoramus. Long live Egypt and its proud people.”

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    Wonder if this will ever happen in the USA.
  4. Looking pretty bad for the king of Egypt+ his Islamic kingdom:cool:

    Maybe giving Egypt[military]all those US planes[F-16] may have been wise after all.Senator Mitch[KY] said Israel was in favor of it, also..:cool:
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    Too much phat lewt here, makes it easy to cut in all the power players for a slice of the pie. :(
  6. =================
    Well when the White house tried to block FOX news;
    all the media refused that attempted power grab.

    The big news story is the President put the Muslim Botherhood ahead of the people + the Military + nation ;looks like they are going to remove that problem[President]

  7. I'm genuinely surprised by the discipline of the Egyptian military. IIRC, they opposed Morsi from the beginning but fell in line and did not attempt to remove him. Now that he has shown his true colors, they stand up for the people.. good for them. Although, I guess I should reserve judgment until we see them return power to the people.

    Hopefully this ends with another would be dictator, and radical muslim zealot, DEAD. And we aren't involved as an added bonus.
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    People of Egypt demonstrating how a president can be removed peacefully.
    The people have to bond with the military.
    That's one of the key elements.
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    Then, the Egypt military told Morsi that he was no longer the president.
    Pretty simple, huh?
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    I think Egypt is very lucky that they have a military that seems to put the interests of the people first. I was surprised the last time they did it and then this time with new generals installed by Morisi they seem to be doing it again. I think that is amazing.
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