Tank into the Close?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by DataCruncher, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. With Bernanke on 60 Minutes this weekend, do you think people will be too scared to hold long positions over the weekend?
  2. nope

    buy all you can 2 the close

    this rally is unstoppable
  3. dealmaker


    Not only Bernake speak but, also possible decision on mark to market makes most to jittery to hold.
  4. You can trade the eMini and bonds before, during, and after the show. Andy Rooney's segment may "offset" anything that Bernanke says. :cool:
  5. l2tradr


    You just lost all the money you had left (as per BUYING CALLS PART #2).

    So STFU as you're clearly an idiot.
  6. stock_turder is as bullish as ever.

    3:30 est has to be a beautiful short entry point.
  7. this article from yesterday says that:

    "The head of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) -- which, along with the SEC, oversees corporate accounting -- told a House panel today that "in three weeks" his organization will issue new guidance on mark-to-market rules, allowing financial firms some flexibility in accounting for the toxic assets poisoning their balance sheets, the Associated Press is reporting."


    so if they said 3 weeks, that would imply nothing is happening this weekend in regards to mark-to-market
  8. the1


    So if this is a known event and new M2M rules pass the market will trade up into that news then sell-off and if it isn't passed then market really sells-off. See how easy trading is :eek:

    Go short in three weeks. Until then stocktrader is probably right -- rally on market.

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