Tangible Explanations?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Dackster, May 23, 2010.

  1. Why do people try to explain how trading works?

    This surely must be an exercise in futility?

    Why do you do it?
  2. I understand that my original question would probably have some of the more autistic/OCD types pulling thier hair out...

    Maybe next time i won't be so cruel, i'll ask a simple question about SR or volume....hahaha!
  3. EASY:D

    When a person tries to explain a reason for something, it means, that, they do not know what the root cause is, for, if they did, then it would not need to be explained, and, everyone would know it:cool:

    Whilst there is a REASON for everything that happens, there are many apparent reasons, but, there is still only ONE (1) real reason, for;

    "every action has an equal and opposite reaction"

    We are ALL governed by LAWS, and, this is not the wishy washy stuff that the idiots have written useless books and papers about, it is just plain and simple FACTS!

    Have you ever looked at how the foetus develops inside the mother's womb?

    Every person starts off as a dick head, for, you can not deny a fact:D


    The majority never really move on from this early stage of development, and, the main reason is that the EYE, which is clearly seen to be in the FALLING position at the early stages of development, never really gets up to the TOP, where, it can SEE all that is in front of it:cool:

    This is the reason why so many have a limited view on life, and, why, they remain the dick heads they are, until the day they die:D

  4. On a more serious note.


    The miracle of life.

    Never forget at how advanced you are, with billions of evolutionary years behind you.

    The reason you are held back in life, is because of what OTHERS have led you to believe:eek:

    Believe NOTHING you see or hear, until it makes perfect sense to YOU.

    The reality of life, is such, that, the majority are thick idiots that look for reasons for why everything happens, when, there is only ONE (1) reason, and that will always be the same, until the end of our time.

    The first real step to improving on what you have in life, is, acceptance of the FACT that 99.99% of IT just does not matter, and, it is all an illusion created by those who know how to control weak minds.

    Again, I must stress that we are not talking about the fukin dim wits that talk about cosmic waves and higher powers, and all that shit, for, we are, talking about plain and simple evolutionary realities, which, is REALLY only concerned with ONE (1) thing, and that is;



    A simple test of reasoning and logic.

    Name the book associated with the above picture.

    When you get the answer, do not post it, just post something that relates to it, and, lets see how many will GET IT:cool: