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Discussion in 'Journals' started by tampa, Dec 1, 2004.

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  1. tampa


    Having lost my shirt fooling around with that Linda's "short skirt" trades, I have mended my ways, and cast my fate to the wind. Actually. Woodie and his CCI.

    No more S&P either. Now I trade the YM and sometimes the mini Euro. So far, so good.

    While I rarely post, I do hang out in the room under the name "The big cheese" (please don't ask why). I have also put up a web site and blog at www.cciblog.com

    In a previous journal (te best to appear in this forum, if you ask me) I mentioned the CCI - along with most every other method known to man. But this journal will deal with nothing else. The reason? People around here seem to hate the old guy - I don't.

    We'll see what happens.
  2. dbphoenix


    True :)

    ET has become unleavened bread in your absence. Good to see you back.
  3. Congratulations and best of luck with your new journal. I never quite understood how to apply Woodie's method and now look forward to seeing you in action. Once again, all the very best.
  4. Glad to see you again Tampa. Woodie looks and sounds like a hick but the guy is a good trader, not to mention Rover, Gio, Gb007 and a few others who have been trading many years.
  5. Huios


    Tampa and Sub... back together again....

    Life is Good.

  6. TGM


    LOL. Linda is still at it. If you want to read a book by a very successfull trader who uses the 3/10-16 correctly. Read Tradingdaybyday. It has only been out a year. I first became acquainted with Linda 10 years ago. Chick Goslin (the writer of Tradingdaybyday) straightened my trading out.

    You should do well with the CCI method. Indicators do not matter. As long as you know how to use the Middle line correctly (the slow line in the CCI).

    Fyi-- if any of you guys out there are using the CCI, Macd and or the old school 3/10-16 as taught by Linda. You should really look up Chick's book. It helped me out alot ------in the pocketbook.

  7. Tampa

    Welcome back my good friend ET is just not the same without you!

    Good to hear that you have stuck with woodie all this time, those that do seem to do ok!
  8. tampa


    Before we kick off, a bit of background on what this is all about, plus my feelings about the Club can be found at www.cciblog.com
  9. nkhoi


    just finish your blog, it passed authenticity test (but I am easy to believe). Good to see you walk the Woodie way, 600 couldn't be all wrong? was your 26p based on 2 shorts around 16:14pm
  10. dbphoenix


    Enjoying the blog. Beginners could learn a lot from it (if they were to listen :)).
    #10     Dec 4, 2004
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