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  1. tampa


    The first entry in a trading journal is of the utmost importance, if one hopes to draw a following. With so many journals on ET, it is difficult - at best - to stand out – one journal is much like the next. This journal will strive to truly be unique.

    But that is a tall order; however, I think that perhaps I've created something that will set a new standard in journals in this forum. All I ask is that you click on the link that follows…

  2. The pix of wife in blog is waaaaaay too young for you Tampa! Will be fun to see what you do.
  3. Babak


    omg! he's back!

    Is it just me or does every new 'return' of tampa bring a younger wife? :D
  4. The music from , "The Sting" , is quite appropriate.

  5. jem


    you may be an ornery bastard at times but you do have talent.
  6. tampa


    Perchance you have noted my absence of late. The truth be known, I blew out my account – the 19th time I have done so over the past 23 years – and have had to scramble to raise more capital.

    I have found taking in ironing to be useful in this area. Of course I have explored other means of raising cash – selling blood, and male prostitution are two that come to mind. Once I even tried to auction one of my kidneys on eBay – however the authorities stopped the bidding. (Tragically, I had an offer of $17,322 at the time.)

    But I prefer not to dwell on this, nor my past disappointments in the market. With my account refunded, and a new strategy, I am now ready to resume trading. I am confident that the results will be better this time, and will faithfully document my progress in this journal…
  7. Choad


    Wecome back tamps. If you do well, maybe your dog can quit begging for food! :p


    ps feel free to have the mod delete any and all of my posts...
  8. This will be fun
  9. tampa


    I am hesitant to divulge complete details of the strategy that I will be using, but suffice it to say that it includes elements of Murry Math, along with proprietary Astrological triggers (Based on lunar phase and position.)

    Having spent my hiatus from trading in study and back testing this system, I am confident that it will produce nothing less than a success rate of at least 65-70%. I should point out that while I do not take trades from them, I also monitor the RSI, Stochastics, and MACD – plus Amazon.Com stock. (Some may find it unusual to closely follow the action of a listed stock in trading Euro Currency and Soybean futures, but the relationship is uncanny – I cannot say more at this time.

    In any event, I am excited about returning to live trading, and of course will keep you informed…
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