Tampa florida. What is the trading environment like?

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    I was just wondering if there were any Trading firms left in the Tampa area? I moved out of FL a while ago, but do plan to return in the future. I wanted to know what firms are there and everyones experiences/opinions of them. Is there many traders in the area? Or is it better to just find a firm and trade remote? I would really like to be back in a office again around other good traders. (sharing info and ideas) Any info that anyone would provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    There are a few firms in Tampa. There is Sunstate, WorldCo and Navillus. Just to name a few. I don't know much about them though. I think there a quite a few traders in the area. I am not sure were everyone from Protrader went after they closed. Good luck with your search.

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    Worldco is still around?
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    Does anyone know any traders in these offices? (in the tampa area) I was just wondering how they are doing and if these offices are going to be open. (long term) I am planning on moving back to the Tampa area, early next year and I want to find a good office that provides a solid trading environment.

  6. Well Worldco shut the doors a couple of months ago...spent a little time there...total waste of time for a new trader. There is a new form of generic in Tampa, same group of worldco traders there. There is a place, ontrade in clearwater, dont know much about them. If there any others it is news to me. Your opportunities are limited if looking to go to an office everyday. I have lived there for a few yrs and I am on the move back home for better selection. Just my opinion.
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    So the WorldCo guys opened a Generic office? Is it in the same building? Bye ONE BUC PLACE? Does anyone know how to get a hold of them?
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    Worldco is dead in Tampa.... They have moved over to Generic with an LLC out of Boca. They are really the only trading floor in tampa left. Navillus IS out of business, contrary to popular belief. The Sullivans have a new clearing arrangement, but they are only taking on fund business. As for sunstate, The room is empty, and are only doing penny stock business. If anyone wants more of the skinny here in TPA, PM me. There is no proven place to trade in TPA that has any traders that have more than 1 year experience.

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    Gimp, PM me with your info, and I will forward to the right people at Generic for Tampa office
  10. If you talk to Sunstate, tell big bossman that if he screws you, then you will put an ad in the Tampa Tribune for "free Jack Russell Terriers" and list his cel number.

    He'll laugh, I promise....
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