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  1. I dont know what your preferences are, but I say Macdintons. Good beer and outdoors. Pretty low key and quiet around 6pm so we can all talk.
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  2. bandit


    anyone else?
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  3. I live in Tampa and would also like to meet some traders in the area. I'm in South Tampa, so Macdinton's sounds good to me. I used to be part of the worldco office here, but have been trading remote for the last few years.
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  4. Hey everybody,
    My name is Alex and I am 19 years old living in Tampa. I am highly interested in learning how to invest my money. I currently have a basic knowledge of stocks, real estate, and other investments. I valet at Westshore Mall, and I'm majoring in Legal Assisting.

    I am always looking to learn more about investing and possibly find a mentor to teach me more. If anyone is interested in mentoring a highly motivated young man, please don't hesitate to let me know. I would really appreciate any experience and help anyone could provide.

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  5. Alex;

    I run the local tampa traders group, the Cornerstone Investors Network, where you attend our regular meetings and special interest groups we have to learn as well network with other traders at the meetings during the breaks or afterwards, finding out what others are doing in their own trading.

    Also you can contact me at michaelnorris@ij.net and I can hook you up with some online mentoring venues in trading rooms that range from being free to other rooms that you only pay for the coaching that month out of your profits, and if there is no profit that month, there is no charge for the mentoring that month nor the next.
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  6. bandit


    I will be meeting some local traders on Monday, the 8th at Rattlefish, in Tampa at 6:00pm. If anyone else is interested in coming, PM me.

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    I would love to meet with you guys but monday is the BCS game.....Maybe i will catch the next meeting
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  8. Ok is the meeting on thur the 4th ot Mon the 8th?

    McDintons or Rattlefish?
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  9. definetly not the 8th...gotta watch Ohio state get their asses stomped :)
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  10. Monday 6pm Rattlefish, it will be over before the BCS
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