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  1. If anyone is in the Tampa area, lets get together and talk.:cool: Or we can plan a meet...:D
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    Just moved back to tampa. Any traders still down here?

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    Most of the shops closed down, even Sunstate (Jim). But there is still a network of traders, they are just real scattered. PM me if you need more info.

  4. Guys my firm will be opening a retail office in the Tampa area in the upcoming months and we will have the ability to accomadate a group of traders in the office as well. Let me know if any of you have any interest and I'll keep you updated as to the opening.

  5. fan27


    I live in Tampa (near Howard and Bayshore) and would be interested in getting together.

  6. Im in Brandon, What do you trade? equities, forex, Comms??
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    I'm north of tampa but interested
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  9. For those who want to get with other active traders in the Tampa Bay area you should consider attending the free Cornerstone club meetings in Tampa. It is a free traders club. The club has different speakers every month teaching on different trading strategies and during the breaks, traders talk with other traders, picking each others brains about what they are doing as well as go out to nearby restaurants after the meetings to share with one another.
    Plus they have just got set up with the CBOT to webcast their meetings so even those who don't live in the area can tune into the meetings over the internet. They meet in a large meeting room at the Manhattan Baptist Church in South Tampa at 4300 S. Manhattan Ave. There are usually over 100 people in attendance at the meetings each month. For more details, feel free to send me an email at michaelnorris@ij.net
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    Hey I live north of Tampa too...email me, your settings don't allow me to email you through this board...

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