Tame Trading Risk

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    Dear Traders,

    One of the #1 "problem areas" that's getting between you and the
    trading results you know you deserve is...

    -How to, once and for all, TAME RISK.

    We’ve been preaching this ever since we started training trader’s
    way back in 2004, and it's something that, honestly, not a lot
    of traders want to hear.

    Why? Because they don't think it's "exciting", so they focus
    purely on things like the next "trick" that will trade for them
    while they sleep.

    And this is why they fail.

    But when you finally realize that the key to potential success
    in ANY market is how to properly take control of risk and then
    use it IN YOUR FAVOR...

    -well, that’s when true trading success, is finally at hand for
    many traders...

    -that's when trading really becomes "exciting"...

    Best Regards
  2. You're training traders, bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha, now THAT'S funny! [​IMG]

  3. My bottom line improved when trading STOPPED being "exciting'.
  4. LOL