Tallest-skyscrapers. Height: 13,123 feet

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  1. Height: 13,123 feet. X-Seed 4000 [proposed]. Location: Tokyo

    Height: 6,000 feet. Al Jaber Tower [proposed]. Location: Kuwait City

    Height: 4,029 feet. Location: Bionic Tower [proposed]. Possibly Shanghai or Hong Kong.

    Height: 3,281 feet. SKY CITY 1000 [proposed]. Location: Tokyo

    Height: 3,284 feet or higher. KINGDOM TOWER [under construction]. Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Height: 3,284 feet. BURJ MUBARAK AL KABIR [under construction]. Location: Subiya, Kuwait.

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  2. Nothing exciting being built in the US. As a matter of fact heard that we are dismantling building to ship the steel to China.

    Takes ten years to build a skyscraper in the US, Freedom tower is a mockery.

    People with money and dreams are building in the UAE. I suppose we'll be importing skyscraper technology.

    The only business we are in is stopping people from doing things.

  3. Good One.
  4. All these super skyscrapers are built by US firms btw
  5. not possible to have 13,000 ft skyscraper, you cant breathe

  6. Took just over a year to build the Empire State Building


    Design and construction

    The Empire State Building was designed by William F. Lamb from the architectural firm Shreve, Lamb and Harmon, which produced the building drawings in just two weeks, using its earlier designs for the Reynolds Building in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and the Carew Tower in Cincinnati, Ohio (designed by the architectural firm W.W. Ahlschlager & Associates) as a basis.[citation needed] Every year the staff of the Empire State Building sends a Father's Day card to the staff at the Reynolds Building in Winston-Salem to pay homage to its role as predecessor to the Empire State Building.[16][17] The building was designed from the top down.[18] The general contractors were The Starrett Brothers and Eken, and the project was financed primarily by John J. Raskob and Pierre S. du Pont. The construction company was chaired by Alfred E. Smith, a former Governor of New York and James Farley's General Builders Supply Corporation supplied the building materials.[3] John W. Bowser was project construction superintendent.[19][20][21]

    Excavation of the site began on January 21, 1930, and construction on the building itself started symbolically on March 17—St. Patrick's Day—per Al Smith's influence as Empire State, Inc. president. The project involved 3,400 workers, mostly immigrants from Europe, along with hundreds of Mohawk iron workers, many from the Kahnawake reserve near Montreal. According to official accounts, five workers died during the construction.[22] Governor Smith's grandchildren cut the ribbon on May 1, 1931. Lewis Wickes Hine's photography of the construction provides not only invaluable documentation of the construction, but also a glimpse into common day life of workers in that era.[23]
    A worker bolts beams during construction; the Chrysler Building can be seen in the background.

    The construction was part of an intense competition in New York for the title of "world's tallest building". Two other projects fighting for the title, 40 Wall Street and the Chrysler Building, were still under construction when work began on the Empire State Building. Each held the title for less than a year, as the Empire State Building surpassed them upon its completion, just 410 days after construction commenced. The building was officially opened on May 1, 1931 in dramatic fashion, when United States President Herbert Hoover turned on the building's lights with the push of a button from Washington, D.C. Coincidentally, the first use of tower lights atop the Empire State Building, the following year, was for the purpose of signaling the victory of Franklin D. Roosevelt over Hoover in the presidential election of November 1932.[24]
  7. This was a century ago, times are very different now. America is in terminal decline
  8. Lucrum


    You may want to do a little research.

    According to The Guinness Book of World Records, the highest town in the world is Wenzhuan, which was founded in 1955 on the Qinghai-Tibet road north of the Tangla mountain range. It is 16,730 feet above sea level.
  9. I believe the people that live there have genetic adaptation to their altitude.
  10. Yes, but we'll have "social justice" and we'll all be equal. Nobody will be able to do anything unless the government says so.

    That's Odumbo's "fundamental transformation of America".

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