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  1. So I know its the wrong time to be doing this but I'm trying to get a job by talking to some hedge fund managers in town. I've been able to get through to a couple and was wondering if yall have any advice on how to sound smart and ask the right questions so that when I ask for a job, I've got a chance. They are pretty big deals in town and have a ton of contacts.

    I found their emails and said I was asking for career advice. That I was a prop trader, which is true but usually prop traders in their world can mean someone running hundreds of millions of dollars. One is over the phone and the other is in person. I'm a lot more worried about the phone one.

    Anyone have the right questions to be asking these guys to show I'm smart and serious? I don't want to just be ringing off buzz words just for the sake of saying them. I've already got some ideas but I'm curious to hear what others might think.

    Thanks for your help
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    I would definately ask them the difference between a stop and a limit order. That will surely impress them.
  4. I think it more about you telling them how much you have to offer and not questions to ask them, unless of course they offer you a job. If you have nothing much to offer then I think you are probably wasting your time.

    Good luck.
  5. Honestly, no one can tell you how to approach a hedge fund manager. You either are in the arena or you aren't. Practice and exposure are the only things that will show you aren't some yutz. A track record and experience is the only thing that will be recognized as having value.

    I'd stick with prop traders or if you have enough capital use your own.

    Best of luck.
  6. try to know what they do. at least know their options. stat arb, vol., etc?

    know programming basics

    have idea on how to match their needs
  7. HF managers are idiosyncratic individuals. Your best bet is to learn as much about that individual manager before you 'interview.' Then you can speak directly about your interest in his area of focus and how you'd like to contribute. If the manager is focused on 'special situations' and very focused on the financial sector right now, for example, that will be your only window to interest them. You need to identify that window and make yourself relevant, or you are not going to get very far.
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  9. If you don't have years of profitability then it doesn't matter if you impress the hell out of em with your people skills.
  10. soooo... how did it go?
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