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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by qdz2, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. qdz2


    Folks, please help me. Just now when I sit there and watch a senseless trading session passed by, all of sudden I had a series of questions which started to drive me crazy.

    The questions are these. How do you exactly know whether or not you are talking to yourself with or without loud/quiet voice while reading, writing, and trading? Is it helpful to eat something when you think to prevent you talking to yourself. And how do you exactly know whether or not you are thinking, or I don't know, doing something else? Apparently these questions were ignited after reading and responding to the other thread "Do you talk to your computer while trading?".

    Please tell me your experience. I want to know if I am normal now or just become one of dumb category of folks or what? Thanks. Appreciation in advance.

  2. Monsoon


  3. qdz2


    well, I think you could potentially be more helpful to folks like me than just saying "troll".


  4. gwb-trading


    ...before exiting a position...

    "yes, precious, ahh precious"

  5. TGregg


    You have to include my, as in "Yes, my precious."

  6. qdz2


    what? It seems no one knows this. Well, perhaps we have no professional psychologiest here.

    I am still confused. So if you have any reference on the topic, please let me know. Thanks.

  7. trendy


    Hey, don't start blaming me for this just because I started a thread on talking to your computer. :D But, it does beg the question, is it me talking to myself, or myself talking to me? Such as the phrase "you dumbass" (usually uttered shortly after entering a position)
  8. Just say that you are talking to the MMs/Specialist. Or better yet, find another trader that "talks to himself" and start trading together. Then it'll look like you're having a conversation (like pariing up 2 schizos on the street).