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  1. Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2009
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    CRIME: Trooper arrests drunk driver in trooper's garage
    By Herald staff

    Zillah Washington State Patrol Trevor Downey can’t get away from his job.

    Downey had finished work on Tuesday and was headed to his home in Zillah about 4:10 p.m. when he came up behind a car going slower than the speed limit.

    The tan ’99 Dodge Avenger was driving about 30 mph on a 50-mph county road north of town. The car then turned into the driveway of Downey’s home and parked in the trooper’s garage. Downey pulled up behind the Dodge and got out to talk to the driver, who was alone.

    The trooper asked the man what he was doing. And the man said, “I live here.”

    Downey told the driver that it was in fact the trooper’s house.

    Downey arrested Joseph Takesgun, 31, of Buena, for DUI and having a revoked license in the first-degree. Takesgun has three previous DUI convictions, said the WSP.