Talk about panic selling. Brazil ETF down 13% premarket

Discussion in 'Trading' started by luisHK, May 18, 2017.

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    US markets didn't need extra motivation to sell off, US futures heading firmly down now, looking like another ugly day for the longs ( for the record I'm one of them).
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    Sorry to hear you are long in this mess. EWZ is down 18% pre-market.
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    I'm fine, thanks, brazilian positions as of yesterday amounted to roughly 0.33% of my overall portfolio - thinking to build them back up, but i'd like the overall market to stabilize a bit before adding to EM.
    Losses in other markets are far less dramatic than in Brazil - so far at least.
    Not looking for a "sorry for your loss" btw, but more on discussions of how a national market can crash in a single day - Real futures are down 6.68%, which adds to the loss of the USD ETF btw.
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  5. Wow, why is it happening?
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    Low volatility has never been a guarantee against sudden high volatility, ref. August 2011. 2008-2009 is almost trivial to backtest (when buying new highs) compared to ca. 2010-2012..

    When "fixing" 2008-2009, you inevitably gain some problems in the 2010-2012 area or thereabouts, in almost all markets.

    The rocky patches after 2009 bottom can be attributed to political messes / lack of cooperation, same as now.
  7. Brazil was totally hot stuff and then it crashed. Should have sold it on the 17th, but it didn't seem bad compared to the U.S.
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    Saw it bought it
  9. I'm thinking of buying BZQ Ultrashort.
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    Dont buy a leveraged instrument, it only deteriorates over time, I cant repeat this on this site enough.

    If you want to go short youd be better off just shorting EWZ, atleast you arent bleeding out money every single day.

    When you go long a leveraged instrument you eat 100% of the loss and only get a fraction of the gain, you are handicapping yourself by trading it that way.
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