Talibanization of the Republicans, Part 2 of 50

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  1. This is a continuing thread on the examples of the Talibanization of the Republican party. It would be too crass for any Democrats to suggest this, so a Republican had to do it. After failure to govern properly for nearly a decade, the Republicans have been relegated to a role of the insurgent. Instead of governing, they would now disrupted, deceived, discombobulated and be a general nuisance towards the political process.

    The myriad of threads in this forum proves the point amply.

    You are welcome to keep adding to this thread the examples of inane and insane examples of the Republicans in introducing topics that falls into this category of Talibanization.

    This all started with an interview with the National Journal's Hotline by the Republican Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas in which he suggested his party could follow the model of the Taliban in its legislative battles.




    Case in point: Part 2

    "The GOP has been successful in gumming up the works of the Senate in recent years, forcing Reid to file for cloture a record 97 times last session - well over the previous record of 76 - and another 18 times since the beginning of this year. Even the most basic pieces of legislation - like the U.S. Tourism Promotion Act, which enjoyed 47 bipartisan co-sponsors and broad support - have failed to pass cloture votes, which require 60 votes. At the very least, the Democrats' theoretical 60-vote majority could help de-gum some of the Senate's cogs so legislation might begin to flow again - even at a trickle."

    Thank you Norm Coleman. Thank you Al Franken.
  2. Clearly, the GOP needs a new ayatollah.
  3. For how dead the republicans are supposed to, the dems are certainly worried about them.