Talibanization of the Republican party, part 1 of 50

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tmarket, May 23, 2009.

  1. This is a continuing thread on the examples of the Talibanization of the Republican party. It would be too crass for any Democrats to suggest this, so a Republican had to do it. After failure to govern properly for nearly a decade, the Republicans have been relegated to a role of the insurgent. Instead of governing, they would now disrupted, deceived, discombobulated and be a general nuisance towards the political process.

    The myriad of threads in this forum proves the point amply.

    You are welcome to keep adding to this thread the examples of inane and insane examples of the Republicans in introducing topics that falls into this category of Talibanization.

    This all started with an interview with the National Journal's Hotline by the Republican Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas in which he suggested his party could follow the model of the Taliban in its legislative battles.

  2. Get used to it.
  3. Are you 20 years old or have you just started to gain an interest in the day to day drama of politics? I ask this because your analysis of todays political climate is that of someone who has never seen a transition of power among parties.

    Maybe you should focus on what matters? The only people who actually care about the day to day drama of politics are the people so steeped in political bias that whatever they do and say is neither cared for or heard.
  4. Do you mean the party in the minority actually tries to block what the party in the majority is doing? What a new idea? This must be the first time in the history of the country that this has ever occured.

    Imagine that, they are even allowed to do it according the US Constitution. I thought when a new party took power they were supposed to hunt down their political enemies and chop their heads off. Now as it turns out they are actually allowed to express their opinions and use the mechanisms that were put in place by the US Constitution to block legislation. Whats the point of being in power if its not absolute power? Now I know why Obama envies this Chavez fellow so much.