Taliban made $20m this weekend

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  1. “We got more than $20 million from them [the Seoul government],” the commander told Reuters on condition of anonymity. “With it we will purchase arms, get our communication network renewed and buy vehicles for carrying out more suicide attacks.

  2. Why would someone buy a vehicle to carry out a suicide attack with?

    Perhaps deep down they are very honorable?

    Still, seems to me, like throwing away good money after bad.
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    Its in the Koran not to steal, the Taliban themselves cut peoples hands off for it, so if they are consistant in their morality it would not be a shock that they bought the vehicles.
  4. Yeah, i mean you'd never get insurance.
  5. Stealing is very bad.

    On the other hand, murdering innocent people with a properly paid for vehicle is very acceptable behavior.

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    Its not consistant with my own beliefs, and I hope I've made it very clear in my posts here that I have no sympathy for them at all and think they should all be killed. However, with in the context of their belief system, yes they are being "moral". I'm not afraid to pass judgement and say I think its wrong, but..again, from their point of view that is morality. It's important to understand your enemies point of view and morality, or lack there of, if your going to beat him.

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    Can one steal a life in the same way one can steal a car?
  8. "Bought", by kidnapping, extortion, murder and ransom?
    I was just about to take BF off ignore too, i concluded he must be making some comments that didnt make my blood boil, based on others posts.
    Evidently not.
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    I think so, but thats a question that is probably taken up by a tenured "deep thinker" (LOL). The common quotation used is to "take" a life, but is there much of a difference between take and steal? What is "is"? kind of debate if you ask me, a good one to have, but not an easy one.

    I'm not up on my readings of the version of the Koran crazy radicals use to justify what they do, but I'm sure there are exceptions to most rules, I know they have all kinds of clauses and buts, though, and/if's once some nut case declares holy war. They could probably even steal if they really wanted too, but it would be a good way to turn the local population against you, which is not what an insergancy wants (look @ what has happened in Anbar).

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    When you look at this ... it looks pretty bad. To pay terrorists extortion money and then have them use that to do it to more people and kill more.

    But then again we (the US) helped train and supply the taliban in the first place ... so
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