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  1. Does anyone know what happenned to his Empirica fund? Is it still operating?

  2. Thanks for giving me that info.

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    I wonder if Taleb's new Black Swan book has anything substantively new?
  4. Sounds like the Black Swan never hit.
  5. Are you saying that his fund "collapsed" for lack of a better word?

  6. what a great promo for the book!

    <i> “Had Nassim Taleb been born in any other period, he would have certainly been put to death”, Carine Chichereau, co-translator of TBS.</i>

  7. Its out this month. Preorder on Amazon.
  8. t-man, no offense but if you have read and understood Taleb then you know his fund *can-not* collapse :D

    He also explains why in this interview
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    Actually, he could have faced his own black swan - that there were no black swans since 911.

    I guess, he had a cut off point after which he pulled the plug.
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