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    I just got this on audio, and reading the Amazon reviews on Captain Obvious' latest literally effort. I would like to hear opinions on his book from traders though. Anybody read it? Anyhow, here is one:

    "For example, Taleb argues that the EPA is unnecessary because (according to Taleb) the mere threat of civil litigation is sufficient to prevent corporations from polluting our water and air. Unlike Taleb, who was a 10 YO boy living in Lebanon when the EPA was enacted, I grew up in a pre-EPA American steel mill town during the 1950s and 1960s. I know from my own experience that after the EPA was passed in 1970, the sky over my town turned from brown to blue and my bronchitis went away. Moreover, I know from my 30+ years of experience as a lawyer, that the threat of civil litigation has little, if any, deterrent effect on polluters. "

    Another one:

    "His overall philosophy appears to be self-refuting. He reviles “intellectuals,” professors, and thinkers while praising “doers” and men of practice. He’s particularly distrustful of those who give advice for a living. Here’s Taleb:

    “Avoid taking advice from someone who gives advice for a living, unless there is a penalty for their advice.”

    So should we then ignore THIS advice? As far as I can tell, Skin in the Game is a work of philosophy, an intellectual exercise that argues against the value of intellectual exercise. "

    Let's include a positive point too:

    "That Taleb is antagonistic and holds some questionable views does not mean that he’s wrong about everything. When not being demeaning or taking extreme positions, Taleb writes about some of the most original, thought-provoking, and profound ideas. And even when you find yourself disagreeing with him, he makes you think. For this reason alone, the book is worth checking out."
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  2. I have tried to read the book. But did not make it to the end. After a while it gets sooo boring, intellectual and academic. It has too many tangents, deviating from the main story line. And after a while things get repeated over and over.
    Having said that, reading the first portion of the book made me aware of the main message he wants to convey to his readers.
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    I have a problem with the main message of the book. Just because one has skin in the game that doesn't make him correct or infallible. Plenty of HF managers lose money while trading their own money too. Also, one who doesn't have skin in the game can still be right. Easy example of my predictions of BTC and Palladium tops here on ET. Just because I didn't trade those tops didn't make my predictions less correct.
  4. The irony that he sounds exactly like the IYIs he rails against is not lost on me. But it's worth it to read the whole book. Just don't read it in one sitting. It took me a few months to finish it.
  5. Taleb peaked with Fooled by Randomness.
  6. No way. Skin in the game brought new ideas.
  7. Maybe, I haven't read it. But I have regretted reading every other book he has written since FBR.
  8. I skipped the (edit) third one. The title read like intellectual masturbation beyond the usual. But Antifragile and SITG help to rewire the mind.
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    He is like Shamalayan dingdong of "I see dead people". Peaked at his first movie/
  10. Uh... Signs???
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