taleb luck in action: two poor cave dwelling brothers inherit billions

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by dtrader98, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Someone better get those boys into some wealth management training ASAP, or the number of gold-digging bimbos and unknown relatives coming out of nowhere will drain them dry, in no time.

    Lesson #1: Tithe off-the-top to your church.
    Lesson #2: Never wear your wealth for all to see.
    Lesson #3: Learn to be either humble or quiet in public.
    Lesson #4: Get sterilized.
    Lesson #5: Never loan money to anyone you know or are related to. Either give it to them or don't.
  2. They're looking for a wife.:D
  3. Sounds like a damned movie concept... Instant billionaires running ads on international TV for brides...

    Watch them lose it all in ten years and wind up in bankruptcy court, then divorce court, with alimony and child support in the millions, with nothing to pay or earn with. No, I am not joking.
  4. At least they have a Cave to go back to.
  5. So easy a caveman could do it!

    there has got to be a joke to go with that punchline...
  6. They wont go broke. Unlike lottery winners who usually win 100 million or less and blow it in 5 years,these guys have 6 billion dollars. I mean, you would really have to work hard at blowing that kind of money, not to mention, that 6 billion dollars probably has all kinds of money managers around it right now. Its not like regular found money where they give you a check and say "go have fun" That 6 billion dollars is probably in all sorts of assets that are producing income and the money managers around that will probably tell them what their monthly income is and cut them a check every month to go have fun with.
  7. Your comparison of scale is invalid. It is just as easy to blow billions as millions. So say the billionaires. The problem of waste is not a number, but the mind. Given mental fixations are the issue, and not money, the dollar amount means nothing.

    Not what Mike Tyson, Wacko Jacko and dozens of other million and billion winners showed by example. Sorry. And they came by it slowly, with lots of people giving them conservative advice. And you don't think these guys have final authority to use an ATM to draw it all out, with no notice? Wrong.

    Yes, they will go broke.