Taking yourself public

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Rex84, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. cvds16


    looks like pump and dump to me
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  2. zdreg


    Perhaps you should take a course in writing. I am not referring to your typo.
    if you don't understand show your post to your mother.

    I don't think you would be able to raise a nickel.
    what do you have to offer?
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  3. nothing special about doing that,

    there's a lot of people that take themselves public

    even chickens have done it,
    and their nuggests are traded at the McDonald's exchange...
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  4. Rex84


    it's an internet forum, writing doesn't have to be perfect.

    I think if I can show I can raise the book value of the stock x amount every year (through stock trading, job etc) I think this could be a logical investment.
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  5. Interesting concept. Of course there are a ton of barriers, but I like the thought.

    What % of yourself would you plan to take public? Incentive to perform would need to remain intact... and investors can't really replace the "Board" of yourself.
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  6. zdreg


    Where do you go to school?
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  7. Rex84


    University of Massachusetts Amherst. Although I am looking to transfer next year.
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  8. Tell them you're an Indian outsourcer.
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