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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Rex84, Jan 11, 2009.

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    recently, I have been entertaining the idea of taking myself public. The stock would consist of all my assets, and investors would buy the stock beacuse they would belive that my net worth will increase. Since I am currently a business student in college this is very likely. Does anyone know if this has been tried in the past? Any insights? Thanks.
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    Yeah, several business students have tried to create such companies but none have succeeded thus far
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    luckily for me my mom is a corporate attorney who made a career of wrighting prospectuses and other business documents, and my dad has done underwriting in the past so my cost basis would be low.
  4. Where would you sell the stock? NYSE?:D

    You said your parents are lawyers I think, but still, it seems underwriting costs would require a relatively high IPO, for a college student anyway (even a business college student :p ).
  5. You have "pink sheets" written all over you.

  6. I like the name, Rex 84.

    I wonder how many on the forums really get the meaning of it... of the FEMA emergency orders... of the "camps" that exist throughout the country.
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    no, it would have to be listed OTC. Although there would be IPO costs involved they could be ofsett if the stock price increases.

    and by the way I figured most people wouldn't understand my name, but to those who do, good for you.
  8. LMFAO

    I will jump into the short interest, anyone joining me?

    dump your shares as soon as the IPO opens up!!!
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