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    I saw some job ads at the City of London inviting day-traders with their own tested systems. I wonder what is the procedure if you get with your system in any of such funds - do they usually require that you disclose your system 100%? Or 50% in general terms? It stands to reason that they won't need you if they find out what your system logic is.
    Thanks for any feedback!
  2. HPT


    I think you've answered that allready.

    1 question .. is it scalable ?
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    so you know that they usually ask a general description right? lets say you have your system coded in tradestation - what stops them from grabbing your strategy with one of their savvy programmers - when you are away?
  4. HPT just gave you the "short answer" to your questions, but I see that you've started a couple of threads revolving qround this question, so I'll give you the long one.

    Chances are the ads you are seeing are not from a reputable firm that actually wants to adequately compensate you for your system, but rather from a bucket shop that wants to steal your coding, assuming your strats holdup and the trading methodology can stand the test of time.

    Hell, even if it can't but they can still throw some size at it, they'll still take it from you.

    But FTR, no reputable firm wants an unproven day trading system put together on TradeStation using sim mode.
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    Why not run it yourself..or do you need funding? .. I have contacts in two major hedge funds here in London, they will simulate your model throughly even before a face to face. Do you have entries/exits with time stamps form your sim >?.. and a good chunk of data/sample?
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    thanks for replying....not sure I understand how they do the simulating - do they just re-scale the past trading history? I do not see how they can simulate a strategy in any other way - except if I give them the system itself...
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    I can generate lots of historical trading data on futures, currencies, indexes, etc. It is scalable. Have shown good results on the daily charts - most suitable for position/swing trading.
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    thanks..but most shops advertised here are quite reputable firms:

    I wonder what can be done to preserve one's strategy when joining such a firm...if that is possible at all! :)
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    bad news is you cant do anything.

    but good news is that, most likely, no one will want to steal it from you, as there are, literally, thousands of good systems out there and yours is just one more (assuming yours is good).

    in most cases, these firms want to test your system in advance not to rip you off but rather to make sure this is not another stupid curve fitted system that will blow up right after starting trading the firm's capital. if it passes the test, then it becomes just one more in their big arsenal.
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    thanks for your reply....I might as well pretend to be fully discretionary trader and trade my system under cover using a remote access to my home pc...hope that doesn't sound very Agent007-ish...))
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