Taking work along on vacation

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  1. I'm sure there are other established traders out there that like to take their work with them when they travel. I'd appreciate if anyone who has had success finding fast reliable internet in 2005 in exotic locations post where specifically and the price range per night. Best Western and Holiday Inn should have access in all rooms well beyond North America very soon (many already), but I'd be more interested in lesser known hotels/vacation rentals.

    I got a pretty good deal this year in Honolulu. $70/night a couple of blocks from Waikiki beach at the Waikiki Sand Villa. Internet connection was ADSL, which I find more reliable than wireless in hotels.

    China, Thailand, Brazil, South Africa etc?
  2. Such an exciting market that you can't miss a minute of it?

    Some vacation, in front of an lcd screen.

    This might then be a cheaper alternative...

    Buy a 30-40'' lcd or better yet, 2-3 and put up wallpaper backgrounds of your favorite vacation spots and voila!

    Happy vacationing. Kisses and hugs from the hedge fund boys who make this market so fascinating.

    Almost forgot. Be sure to keep that laptop up to the minute on the airline flight with their latest in-flight trading connections. It's $20 extra, but hey who can afford to miss a minute of this action!
  3. In Hawaii the market closes at 10 or 11am depending on the time of year (no daylight savings time). In the water by 11:30, sun, sand and water until 6. Go for dinner and drinks and in bed at 9pm. Weekend free for anything you want to do. I'd say that's a pretty good vacation considering I don't have to miss out on trading. Allows for much more frequent "vacations".
  4. I agree...."how could you call THIS a vacation, if I can't trade?"

    Most cruise ships, no problem (pay by the week, much cheaper). Aruba, Caracao, no problem (Hyatt's). Thailand has good connections at most 4 star + hotels. South Africa, not so good.

    Try the satellite connections....

  5. Don't do it. You won't miss anything if you don't look. If you find yourself with sweaty palms and anxiety attacks because you are wondering about what the market has done, then you have other issues to contend with.

    I strongly suggest you close out any positions you think are weak and just leave the market alone. There is infinite opportunity and the market will be here when you get back. Enjoy your time off and you will do better when you return. I have made this mistake many times before and didn't feel like I was on a vacation even though I made money doing it. It is not worth it.
  6. $70/night, hum? I am wondering how long your vacation
    should last each time?

    China sucks big time, it's a business environment, if you
    like Asia, Thailand beyond compare is #1 tourism destination.

    I think internet speed is fine, if you are not scalper, even
    for most islands where speed is much slower than bangkok.

    More expensive Asian countries like Japan, Hongkong
    , singapore.......offer very fast internet, but not much
    really anything to do there

    I'm sure even indonesia, Philippine or malaysia are
    much better place to visit than china, but again the
    internet shouldn't be any faster than Thailand.

    FYI, I pay $15 maximum each day for room (monthly),
    & getting places with internet is piece of cake, depend
    where i like to be, and if you get hooked with Traveling
    around, you will hate being glued to the PC, happened
    to me WARNING
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    Trading is great sport, fun, gamesmanship etc, BUT, burn out is not cool.

    Humans need to break the ruts now and then. .........take time off, slug a few cocktails at the seacoast bar and enjoy the waves of the ocean and the local "HOTTIES", AH YES......:D