taking what the market gives

Discussion in 'Trading' started by traderkay, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. how often do you hear: "i just take what the market gives". o these catch phrases, the cliches. i only now understood what they mean by saying that. that means trailing your exit basically. meaning you dont go for target X (make or break), instead you trail your profits, but will possibly just bail if/when the supposed big payoff target hits. yea im slow, kick me:)
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    Well, yeah, 'trailing your exit' in a manner of speaking, but that doesn't necessarily mean using a trailing stop. It could be more like 'monitoring the trade for weakness' for an exit, a la phantom of the pit. Then you know the trade/market has given you just about what it could.
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    i think it means: putting your positions on per your strategy, and letting the market move how it wants. no guessing, no trying to skim off profits 'early' or cut losses 'quickly' -- just simply executing your system perfectly and not worrying about what the market will do, or how much it will pay you today.

    easier said than done. :D

    good trading
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    that is exactly what it means.
    it's not for scalpers but ok for day traders or position traders.

    very useful for IT types who trade in the office ?

    it really isnt that difficult.
    but you must sort out your trading system first.
  5. Right now, it ain't givin' much with 7 pt. ranges a day. In fact, it's probably takin'.
  6. yes but a 40 point range in a week .... 300 point DAX range! :D
  7. Good point. While the day ranges have been contracting recently, the weekly range has been improving. Things are getting better for swing traders and worse for day traders(in general).