Taking the Steelers tonight

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  1. Not really a strong play, but watching the Steelers all year long I figure that they will cover the -10. If it wasn't for the negative wind chills, I would pound it, counting on Ben's arm. I can't see Quinn exposing the Steelers secondary like those QB's before him, and their running game is horrid. More importantly, a friend of mine has called every Steeler game right this season (made me quite a bit of cash), and he says they will cover. So there it is, take the Steelers.
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  3. You should take your -21.5 TAMU over Texas and be happy. And buy lot's of presents.

    I'm thinking Little Ben is made of glass. One tough shot to the head or shoulders and he's on the sidelines with that hat on backwards.

    But I do think Quinn should move on to his ultimate goal of Pee Wee coach.

    Pass....no bet.

  4. Ut oh....

  5. fuck my life.....:mad:

    Atleast i made money betting against them on the spread, but i never saw that coming.. I really want to bitch slap Brady Quinn right now, he is going crazy dancing all over the field celebrating, like he just won the super bowl when he went 5-19 and threw for 90 yards, and his team is now 2-11, i guess when you manage to put together a second win in a season it is cause for all out celebration in cleveland.:D The Steelers suck without Polamalu.
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  7. Some fun Browns tidbits - Cribbs has been wanting a new deal all year and mgmt refuses to do it. Our 1 gamebreaker that still is on the team and the mgmt refuses to deal the kid a contract that actually makes sense.

    Wonder how long before Mangenius trades him for some 6th round picks...

    Just pay the kid already. He's earned it. And if we won't, I'm sure there's plenty of teams that will.
  8. Time to ditch this sinking ship called the Steelers , mods can you please change my name to "New Orleans Baby"...:D j/k

    They had better give Cribbs a new contract, cause they sure as hell are not gonna go anywhere relying on Quinn's arm. I would think it would be a no brainer.
  9. That was a pretty pathetic showing. I'm embarrassed to be a PB fan now.
  10. you can always switch to Team Peyton & Co. We welcome all disgruntled steeler fans :D

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